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Nano Rod

Nano Rod: Used In A range Of Bio-Medical Applications

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Scientists have found that many materials behave in a different manner when changed to size that of micro and nano size. This is being used practically and today we see that there are plenty of applications of nano technology in fields like medicine, electronics, robotics, automobile and many more; even in the agriculture, poultry and livestock nano technology is helping people. And there are also plenty of innovations in this particular subject that is waiting to surprise mankind in future!

When materials are subjected to chemical synthesis and obtained in a nano scale range with an elongated shape, they can be called as nano rods. These rods typically are used in all the places where rods are being used. There are plenty of properties exhibited by these rods and one of the properties include its absorption capacity of IR rays. This property comes along with heating. Whenever they are excited by IR rays, they gets heated up.

Applications of Nano Rod with the help of above Property…

The above property is very much the need in any cancer therapeutic treatment. Here the nano rod act as a theragnostic agent. These can be conjugated along with a tumor targeting motif. When the patient is given an IR radiation, which passes through the tissues of the patient. The rods that are taken up in a selective manner by the tumor cells gets heated up. When the heating takes place, the cancerous cells get destroyed. This leaves the healthy cells intact thereby making the cancer patients to recover sooner from a chemo therapy.

Since the IR rays are absorbed by the human body in minimum levels, this light zone is used specifically for cancer treatments. Here a nano rod works amazingly with the IR rays and hence, they are the ideal nano object for this field. These are in fact the first-of-its-kind in this sector. It has created a revolution in the cancer treatment and today, researchers aim at finding more ways to improvise the technique. In response to the beam of light that is given, the rods even inject the drugs properly and accurately.

The same method is even used for finding kidney related diseases. This also helps in diminishing the cost of the treatment and hence an ideal use for the patients who suffer from kidney diseases. It helps in finding the protein deposits in the body.

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Some of the noble metals can be converted to a nano rod. This includes gold. These are somewhat maroon red in color and are water soluble. They are stable for 14 days and are latest in scientific research. Today, researchers have also done some improvised versions of coating these gold nano rods. They come with silica shells to create wide range of applications in the medical science.

These types of silica coated gold nanorods can also be used in other applications like catalysis and security devices manufacturing. When they are subjected to heating in IR zone, they might tend to lose their rod shape. That is why a coating becomes ideal and it behaves like a perfect nano rod.