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Make Hindu Wedding Invitation, A Perfect Marvel
Make Hindu Wedding Invitation, A Perfect Marvel

One event that calls about the participation of every friend and relative, near and dear ones is the wedding ceremony. Especially in India, Hindu weddings are well known not only for the people swarming the marriage hall, but also for the traditional rituals that takes place throughout the wedding. Hindu wedding ceremonies take place for around 3 days. In olden days, Hindu Brahmin weddings used to take place for 5 days.

Hindu wedding invitation

Hindu wedding invitation

There should be a unique appeal when it comes to your wedding invitations. There are exquisite designs available and you can get a view of these unique designs from online sites! There are not only designs, but even the wordings would simply sweep you off your feet. Such a Hindu wedding invitation surely works like a magnet in attracting the guests!

Make your Hindu Wedding Invitation an Amalgamation of the Old and New

These cards would never go unnoticed. The scrolls cards were said to be originated from our country. These will be a classical addition to your Hindu wedding invitation. Scroll invites are popular from olden days and they have not lost their charm. You can include grand design near the scroll head and at the bottom. This feature is like the border in a normal card.

You may also tie ribbons or golden or scarlet threads on the top rod; this would absolutely look royal!

How about designing a wedding card that is traditional and followed by your ancestors? Well, you think the idea is boring? Now, think about a dazzling picture of you and your finance inside the card along with unique color combinations as a background. This would surely make those old-styled card get a newer look. People rather love a higher version of any product than a completely new product. Apply this concept in designing your Hindu wedding invitation.

Styles and Fonts to write your Hindu Wedding Cards

Letterpress is one of the best ways to make your cards look wonderful. They are pleasing for so many reasons. When your guests open those silky envelopes and peel it open and take your invitation outside, the fresh woody smell of the paper and ink would immediately capture their nostrils. They would run their fingers over the neatly printed letterings on your wedding invitation; what more you need to mesmerize your guest!

Hindu wedding cards invitation

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With each curve, you can have color combinations and this again supplements the prettiness of your card.

People say letterpress is ideal as they are versatile, classic and simple. They go for any kind of wedding ceremony; inside the pocket to cozy ones. When used properly, they become sleek and rich. Absolutely a way to scream luxury; by doing so your Hindu marriage cards becomes an instant piece of art. The letterpress will have an impact on both the designs and the wordings in your card.

There are designers who can make your card look much better in every way. All you need to do is to look for the shops locally or in the World Wide Web. You will even get latest design tips and ideas that would be useful in making your card, a perfect marvel.